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Antykwariat Jazz Group

"Black Pen"

Released: 2014 CD + Digital

Antykwariat - Black Pen
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The material for the album called “Black Pen” was chosen mostly from its own compositions by Sławomir Bielawiec. These pieces are a stylistic combination of many jazz conventions. From beautiful lyrical to rhythm & blues and Latin rhythms.

This album is not only music, it is the colors that come out of each track. Listen to her by closing your eyes. Piano inlays by Sławomir Bielawiec, referring to Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Jarret, Mc Coy Tayner, the round and strong timbre of Jan Zieńko’s guitar, ear-tickling sax phrases by Rob Dent, the elegance and precision of Art Davis’s trumpet, pearly drops of Jacek Berlin’s xylophone, all on a solid, a strong foundation, which is the groove of the rhythm section – bassists Andrzej Grzelak and Krzysztof Pabian and Jarek Łukomski on drums.


Slawomir Bielawiec – piano
Jan Zienko – guitar
Rob Denty – sax
Art Davis – trumpet
Andy Grzelak – bass
Jarek Lukomski – drums
Jacek Berlin – percussion, xylophone
Krzysztof Pabian – double bass


“Playing original scores and familiar repertoire, Antykwariat epitomizes the high lyricism of Polish and European music, as expressed through contemporary jazz vocabularies. [The group] has reaffirmed that substantive jazz improvisation and utterly accessible melody making are not mutually exclusive… Antykwariat has made something of a signature of [Rosemary’s Baby], and the musicians’ slow-burn crescendos and complex but tautly controlled solos say a lot about the integrity of their work. This is a band that doesn’t need to shout its achievements; it trusts listeners to recognize the subtleties of its music”.

Howard Reich, a recognized jazz music critic

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