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Chicago Edge ENSEMBLE

"The Individualists"

Released: September 2023 CD + Digital

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The long awaited 3rd release from the critically acclaimed Chicago Edge Ensemble is here!
The Individualists features the compositions of Dan Phillips, the highly interactive and dynamic collective ensemble improvisations of Hamid Drake, Jeb Bishop, Josh Berman and Krzysztof Pabian. Freedom, structure, collectivism and melodicism combine to make this their most exciting release yet and a highly unique offering to the world of jazz and improvised music from musicians who have deep roots in the language.


Hamid Drake – drums
Josh Berman – trumpet
Jeb Bishop – trombone
Dan Phillips – guitar
Krzysztof Pabian – double bass


“Another triumphant Interaction! The music has that unique Chicago cooperative feel throughout. Phillips composed and arranged all the music except for “Mutualism In Action,” the one wholly improvised track. Even that piece, with its scattered notes and tones, has an internal logic. Elsewhere, the sound organizes itself after a bit of mayhem “Reverse Hierarchical Diffusion Obligation” or trades in some intentional but orchestrated anarchy “Blue Bakunin” before Phillip’s guitar is guided by some slick horn charts. The ensemble makes the complex twists sound simple and the journey here is quite groove accessible.”

Review of Chicago Edge Ensemble “The Individualists” — allaboutjazz 2023

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