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Grażyna Auguścik “2 The Light”

Grazyna Auguscik - 2 The Light

Grażyna Auguścik “2 The Light” Released: May2023 CD + Digital 2 The Light by Grazyna Auguscik Singer, composer, arranger, and producer Grazyna Auguscik has won the praise and admiration of music critics, jazz enthusiasts and even non-jazz audiences with a singular voice that speaks a universal language. She is one of the most intriguing contemporary […]

2Day “Dzien za dniem”

2Day - Dzien za dniem...

2DAY “Dzien za dniem…” Released: July 2011 CD + Digital | Reissue: 2024 Digital (Remastered) 2Day’s “Dzien za dniem…” album is an eclectic fusion that spans a broad spectrum of musical influences, skillfully blending the nuanced stylings of European music with the rich legacy of baby boomer rock and the soulful rhythms of that era’s […]

Luciano Antonio “Vida De Artista (An Artist’s Life)”

Luciano Antonio - Vida de Artista

Luciano ANTONIO “Vida De Artista (An Artist’s Life)” Released: May 2011 CD Luciano’s performance takes the audience on a tour of Brazil by presenting a wide variety of Brazilian compositions combined with his own originals. In his Performance Luciano contrasts songs that have rich and complex harmonies and melodies with simple rhythms against songs that […]

Luiz Ewerling & A Cor do Brasil “Our Earth”

A Cor Do Brasil "Our Earth"

Luiz Ewerling & A Cor do Brasil “Our Earth” Released: May 2011 CD If I were to come back as a pop critic, I’d want to do it in Brazil: since the 50s Brazilian popular song has boasted a level of harmonic and emotional sophistication that matches the complexity of its layered rhythms, and which […]

The Given “Fuel for Thought”

The Given - Fuel for Thoughts

The GIVEN “Fuel For Thought” Released: July 2009 CD + Digital | Reissue: 2024 Digital (Remastered) The Given skillfully blends the poetic lyricism of European traditions with the gritty essence of American rock, crafting an innovative sound that resonates with global audiences. This fusion creates a dynamic soundscape where the introspective depth of European poetry […]

Temple “Miracle”

Temple - Miracle

Temple “Miracle” Released: 2012 CD | OUT OF PRINT Personnel Temple Schultz – guitar, vocalsVijay Tellis-Nayak – keysChris Siebold – guitarKrzysztof Pabian – bass related albums

Temple “Temple”


Temple “Temple” Released: 1998 CD | OUT OF PRINT It wasn’t until Temple moved to Chicago in 1995 that she wrote her first song, “Should I Believe”, which the Chicago Reader called a “first-rate country song.” A first place songwriting award for her song, “Wanting You”, won Temple a showcase at the Mint in Los Angeles.  Her […]

Temple “EP”

Temple EP

Temple “EP” Released: 1999 CD | OUT OF PRINT Personnel Temple Shultz – acoustic guitar, vocalsVijay Tellis-Nayak – keys, sequencingChris Siebold – guitarsKrzysztof Pabian – bassMike Fiala – drums related albums

Cyrcle “Between Now and Then”


Cyrcle “Between Now And Then” Released: 2001 CD | OUT OF PRINT Personnel Wes Phillips – guitar, vocalsKrzysztof Pabian – bass, double bassBrian Wilkie – drums, percussion related albums