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"Dzien za dniem..."

Released: July 2011 CD + Digital | Reissue: 2024 Digital (Remastered)

2Day - Dzien za dniem...
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2Day’s “Dzien za dniem…” album is an eclectic fusion that spans a broad spectrum of musical influences, skillfully blending the nuanced stylings of European music with the rich legacy of baby boomer rock and the soulful rhythms of that era’s soul music. The album embraces a diverse range of styles, from the heartfelt storytelling of folk to the vibrant energy of gospel and soul and power of rock-and-roll. This melding of genres creates a unique sound that pays homage to the past while infusing it with contemporary flair. 

Each track is a journey through musical history, revisiting the emotional depth and innovative spirit of previous generations while introducing a fresh, modern twist. 

With its wide variety of styles and influences, the album stands as a bold exploration of the band’s musical roots, offering listeners a rich, multi-layered experience that celebrates the creativity and soul in music.


Andrzej Mroczka – acoustic guitar, voice
Tom Cake – guitars
Krzysztof Pabian – bass
Jack Watrobka – drums

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