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The Given “Fuel for Thought”

The Given - Fuel for Thoughts

The GIVEN “Fuel For Thought” Released: July 2009 CD + Digital | Reissue: 2024 Digital (Remastered) The Given skillfully blends the poetic lyricism of European traditions with the gritty essence of American rock, crafting an innovative sound that resonates with global audiences. This fusion creates a dynamic soundscape where the introspective depth of European poetry […]

Diezel “Fuel for Thought”


Diezel “Fuel for thought” Released: 2006 CD | OUT OF PRINT Personnel Alex Gorecki – guitar, voiceTom Cake – guitarKrzysztof Pabian – bassLuiz Ewerling – drums related albums

Cyrcle “Between Now and Then”


Cyrcle “Between Now And Then” Released: 2001 CD | OUT OF PRINT Personnel Wes Phillips – guitar, vocalsKrzysztof Pabian – bass, double bassBrian Wilkie – drums, percussion related albums