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Wood to Water

"Wood to Water"

Released: July 2006 CD + Digital by Taken Records

Wood to Water featuring Krzysztof Pabian, Marty Metzger, Lance Petersen, Major Seay, Tim Mulvenna
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Wood to Water emerges as a mesmerizing confluence of jazz, free improvisation, and Middle Eastern music, marking a distinctive milestone in their musical journey. 

This collection is a rich tapestry of the band’s original compositions, intricately woven with innovative arrangements of traditional Middle Eastern pieces such as “Longa Nahawand” and “Hicaz Mandıra.” The album serves as a testament to Wood to Water’s ability to bridge diverse musical worlds, creating a vibrant soundscape where the spontaneity of jazz improvisation dances with the soulful melodies of Middle Eastern traditions. Each track invites listeners into a realm of auditory exploration, where familiar tunes are reimagined and new sounds are born from the fusion of these distinct genres. 

The ensemble’s masterful musicianship and creative vision shine throughout, offering a listening experience that is both deeply reflective and exhilarating. This album is not just a collection of songs, but a journey through the depths of musical innovation and cultural celebration.


Marty Metzger – guitar
Lance Petersen – sax
Major Seay – violin
Krzysztof Pabian – double bass
Tim Mulvenna – drums

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