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Chicago Edge ENSEMBLE

"Insidious Anthem"

Released: November 2018 CD + Digital

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The second release from a Chicago based Trio featuring ten original pieces by guitarist Dan Phillips that lean heavily on group improvisational skills of Timothy Daisy on Drums and Krzysztof Pabian on double bass. Three of the pieces feature the planetary magnetic field sounds recorded by NASA’s Voyager space probe.

Although this is only the second release for this unique Trio, Krzysztof and Dan have 20 plus year relationship and he is also a member of Dan’s “Chicago Edge Ensemble” which released two critically acclaimed recordings ” Decaying Orbit” in 2017 and “Insidious Anthem” in 2018. He is also a member of the Dan Phillips Quartet. Dan, Tim and Krzysztof also released another critically acclaimed Quartet album ‘Converging Tributaries” in 2017 with Trombonist Jeb Bishop, the well known figure in the Chicago experimental/free jazz scene and has performed extensively with all members.


Hamid Drake – drums
Mars Williams – sax
Jeb Bishop – trombone
Dan Phillips – guitar
Krzysztof Pabian – double bass


“Insidious Anthem employs a small band sound reflecting the taut arrangements of leader and electric guitarist Dan Phillips, whose skills as a writer rival his improvisational talent. Hard to label.. the small group packs a strong punch.”

Review of Chicago Edge Ensemble “Insidious Anthem” New York City Jazz Record 2019

“The music on this album is filled with surprises and incredible turns., the musical language is rich expressive, vivid and incredible.”

Review of Chicago Edge Ensemble “Insidious Anthem” Avantscena 2018

“The compositions begin with an intricate and complex sonic architecture or quiet, searching textures that highlight the rich palette of the Ensemble… Phillips sets the basic theme and the overall atmosphere. Later these parts mature into collective, free jazz improvisations that enjoy the full power and the soulful sound of the Ensemble.”

Review of Chicago Edge Ensemble “Insidious Anthem” Salt Peanuts 2018

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